About British Cambridge College (BCC)

Our Mission.
 Our mission is to empower millions of people across the world by providing education and training that will create more employment opportunities and develop more entrepreneurship skills. We do so by offering soft-skills that are relevant to the current market demands, qualified trainers with years of industry experience, course fees that are affordable to all, and quality programs that are certified by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), United Kingdom.

Our Team. Our team is comprised of professors, lecturers, medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, and graduates from top universities in Asia, the UK, and the USA. We have trained thousands of students, professionals, and senior executives from various sectors and industries for the past decade. We are expanding our markets around the world with the launch of our new range of soft skill programs accredited by CPD, United Kingdom. 

Our Group. BCC is part of the SERVEBANK Group. SERVEBANK and its partners are involved in Education, Food Manufacturing, Franchise, Healthcare, Investment and, Telemedicine with offices and partners located in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and the UK, with over 1000 distribution channels across the region.

Community Programs. Community programs are part of our daily activity, not an annual event. Our Chairman and the team have been actively involved in various community programs for the past 20 years. We will be launching various FREE Entrepreneurship Programs conducted by successful business owners and FREE Healthcare Programs conducted by qualified medical doctors. 

Growth Plans. We plan to launch our own affiliate program aimed at providing income opportunities to millions affected by the recent pandemic and establish strategic partnerships with multiple training partners, educational institutions, business associations, corporations, and cooperatives across Asia and Africa. We welcome you to join us and be part of this exciting journey of empowering millions across the world.

Our UK Accredited Soft Skill Programs

Advocacy Programs
BCC offers a wide range of advocacy-related soft-skills for those interested in social and environmental issues. The certificates may provide recognition for those who are strong advocates of social and environmental issues. There are no prior work experiences required to study for any of these courses.

Programs Available 
Accident Investigation / Health & Safety / Organic Farming / Renewable Energy / Social Enterprise etc. 
Animal Care & Protection / Child Care & Protection / Community Service / Environmental Protection / Human Rights / Psychological Safety at Work / Wellness (In-Process)

Business Programs
BCC offers a wide range of business-related soft-skills for those interested in improving their soft-skills, secure promotion opportunities, and assist millions of job seekers to enhance their employment opportunities. There are no prior experiences required to study for any of these courses 

Programs Available
Art of Negotiation / Brainstorming / Business Networking / Customer Service / Direct Marketing / Effective Communication Skills / Emotional Intelligence / Essential Management Skills / Leadership Excellence / Mentor Training / NLP An Introduction / Practical Sales Skills / Presentation Skills / Project Management  / Recruitment Skills / Report Writing  / Root Cause Analysis / Strategic Training / Talent Management / Team Building / Telesales Skills / Train the Trainer etc.

Entrepreneurship Programs
BCC offers a wide range of entrepreneurship-related soft-skills for those interested in learning the skills needed to start their own business and to assist current entrepreneurs to improve their skills in order to increase their productivity and grow their business. There are no prior experiences required to study for any of these courses.

Programs Available
Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Food Distribution Business, Franchising, Franchise Marketing, Organic Farming, Organic Fertilizer Production, Telemarketing, etc. 

Our Advantages 

1. Wide range of Accredited Soft Skill Programs
We offer a wide range of soft skill programs related to Advocacy, Business, and Entrepreneurship.
These programs are suitable for everyone, from employees, entrepreneurs, professionals, students to homemakers. 

2. Certified by CPD, United Kingdom
We are the only college in Asia that offer soft-skill programs that are certified in the United Kingdom.
Private training companies are not registered educational institutions and have no certification standards.
* Read the Importance and Benefits of Accreditations HERE

3. Certificates from our registered College and CPD, United Kingdom
We provide certificates from our College and CPD, the United Kingdom after the students have passed their tests.
Private training companies issue their own certificates, which are not recognized by any accrediting body.

4. Quality Trainers and Quality Training
We provide quality certified programs with quality trainers to deliver quality training.
Many of our trainers are lecturers and faculty members of top universities around the world.

5. Proven Training Experience
All of our trainers have work and training experience in the programs they are teaching.
Our team has trained over 10,000 students, employees, and senior executives in the last decade.

6. Flexible Study Methods
We provide flexible study options to cater to the needs of all students worldwide.
Students can study online anytime, anywhere, 24/7, offline (printed materials), and in the classrooms.

7. Most Affordable Accredited Programs
We offer one of the most affordable accredited soft-skill programs in the region. 
The Course Fee for Self-Study is Only $69 and with Instructor is Only 99 All In.
Study Materials + Test Fee + Certificate from BCC + Certificate from CPD UK + Instructor (for $99 package)

Certified and Accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), United Kingdom
CPD certifications mean your skills meet international requirements
for company compliance programs regarding continuing professional development.