Our mission is to empower millions of people across the world by providing education and training that will create more employment opportunities, and develop more entrepreneurship skills. We do so by offering soft-skills that are relevant to the current market demands, qualified trainers with years of industry experience, course fees that are affordable to all, and quality programs that are certified by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), United Kingdom.

Our team members have trained over 10,000 students, professionals, and senior executives from various sectors and industries. We expect to double our annual growth with the launch of new programs and our strategic partnerships with multiple companies, cooperatives, training partners, education centers, and trainers in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, UK, USA, and other countries.

Advocacy Programs
BCC offers a wide range of advocacy-based soft-skills for those interested in social and environmental issues. The certificates may provide recognition for those who are strong advocates of social and environmental issues. There are no prior work experiences required to study for any of these courses.

Advocacy Programs - Animal Care and Protection, Child Care and Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Protection, Fair Trade Practices, Human Rights, Social Enterprise, etc.

Business Programs
BCC offers a wide range of business and employment-based soft-skills for those interested in improving their soft-skills, secure promotion opportunities, and assist millions of job seekers in enhancing their employment opportunities. There are no prior experiences required to study for any of these courses 

Business Programs - Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship Skills, Leadership Skills, Negotiation Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Time Management, Wellness, etc.

Entrepreneurship Programs
BCC offers a wide range of entrepreneurship based soft-skills for those interested in learning the skills to start their own business and assist current entrepreneurs in learning new skills to grow their business. There are no prior experiences required to study for any of these courses.

Entrepreneurship Programs - Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Franchising, Franchise Marketing, Organic Vegetable Farming, Organic Fertilizer Production, Telemarketing, etc. 


Certified by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), United Kingdom 
CPD certifications mean your skills meet international requirements
for company compliance programs regarding continuing professional development.