Importance of Accreditation

Accreditation protects the interests of the students and potential employers by ensuring that the students have undergone training programs that are developed by experts in their fields and attained a level that meets and exceeds International standards.

Many of us may not understand what accreditation means, so we undergo training programs from trainers or training companies that issue certificates from their own training companies, which are neither accredited nor meet the International standards.

We want to make sure that the education we have invested from our hard-earned money is recognized and accredited by an awarding body so that we can make use of what we have learned, to further our career and improve our future.

Are the Courses from BCC Accredited?

YES! BCC (British Cambridge College) is a registered college. BCC provides soft skill course programs that are accredited by CPD, United Kingdom, at the most affordable prices. BCC and its team has trained over 10,000 students, professionals and senior executives from various industries for over a decade. Many of our trainers are university lecturers and faculty members from top universities in the region.


About CPD, United Kingdom

CPD or Continuing Professional Development was established in the United Kingdom and is an independent accreditation body. This body appraises the educational programs according to the highest standards, and their accreditation is a symbol of quality and credibility. They have also developed a universal checklist that is impartial or non-biased and is also objective. It lays out strict guidelines that must be met (no exceptions) for a program to receive the accreditation. CPD has always remained committed to enhancing personal skills along with professional expertise in a range of career paths.  

Accredited Soft Skill Programs are essential in helping individuals,
organizations, and industries as a whole to improve skills
and keep knowledge up to date.

Benefits of Accredited Programs to Employees

1. Improve your skills and knowledge
Accredited soft skills ensure that you and your knowledge stay up to date with current industry trends and best practices. By investing in your continued education, the currency of your knowledge and skills will not become outdated. Employers value those who strive to keep their skills current with workforce needs.

2. Build your confidence
Accredited programs will enable you to showcase your achievements and develop the knowledge and skills to carry out your job most effectively and confidently. Accredited programs ensure that you maintain, improve, and enhance the knowledge, understanding, and skills you need to deliver exceptional service to your customers and be an asset to your colleagues. 

3. Improve your performance
Achieving certification is about more than just saying what you are skilled in. Any tests you complete or courses that you attend will have its benefits. Understanding what the best practices in your industry are will give you a new appreciation for your profession, and how you can support your customers.

4. Improve your employment and promotion opportunities
It enables you to stand out from the crowd, with research showing those who have undertaken CPD, have a significantly higher chance of gaining employment, promotion, and achieve a higher salary.

5. Build your reputation
Accredited programs will assist you in building your professional reputation, gaining credibility with clients, and becoming an attractive candidate for new employers. The program ensures that you maintain, develop, and enhance the knowledge, understanding, and skills you need to deliver exceptional service to your customers and a great asset to your colleagues.

Benefits of Accredited Programs to Employers & Entrepreneurs

1. Build Trust in Your Company
When customers approach you for the first time with a business inquiry, they do not know you or how you operate. One of the most effective ways to attract them, reassure them, and win their trust is through certification. If the certification comes from a well-known awarding body, then the customer will feel like they know what to expect, which will make them more comfortable.

2. Build Credibility for Your Company
Knowing that your practices meet industry standards is an excellent boost to your credibility. It also demonstrates your commitment to the profession, which will impress other companies that you partner with or collaborate with, as well as your customers. 

3.  Build Trust with Your Employees
CPD ensures that the company standards are both high and consistent. (a) your employees and clients will see that you are dedicated to developing the skill of your workforce, (b) it encourages and promotes a healthy learning culture for your organization (c) leads to a more fulfilled workforce and retaining valuable staffs and (c) shows to clients that you provide certified and skilled employees to them.

4. Stand Out from the Crowd
If your business does not require certification, then you can use it to your advantage to stand out from the competition. When many others are offering similar services as yours, it can be challenging to compete for that same customer pool.

5. Helps to increase your earnings
Clients are willing to pay for quality, and you have found a way to guarantee them the service that they want. Even if the cost of your service does not go up dramatically, certification is likely to increase your earnings through the additional recognition and business that you will receive,


Certified and Accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), United Kingdom
CPD certifications mean your skills meet international requirements
for company compliance programs regarding continuing professional development.